Achieve your goals

We support you in your decision making processes and in achieving your goals. Thus, together with the advisory services, Get a Partner offers you a personalized management advice. We use the same information that is already available for the fulfillment of the legal responsibilities and, when necessary, we complement it with other information that the company already has to achieve a wider focus.


Advantatges of working with Get a Partner

  • Continuous follow-up

    You can know where you are and where you can go, thanks to our flat structure and the highest standards of training of our professionals.

  • We carry the client further

    We are proactive and we will present all of the solutions that can benefit you. The annual meeting with a Get a Partner partner will allow you to evaluate your business and set strategic guidelines for next year.

  • Costumer-focused management

    We always focus on your needs and not on specific areas, saving you inconveniences and time. The result? A maximum focus in the business, because all areas are interrelated and affect the problem at hand and its solution.

  • High response rate

    You will know that you can count on us or you can plan in advance the solution of your problem, given our rate of response for any topic you could present.

  • Pedagogical style

    In order to have your problem under control and look at the situation with a feeling of understanding. We act, but we also pose arguments and explanations to help you understand, involving us to the fullest.

The result of this way of working is that you comply with the legality by at the same time making decisions with another vision, focused on the business.

We offer you a service that goes from the most administrative simplest part to an integral management of the people of your team, always with the aim of achieving the maximum potential of this area. We think that managing people is a key aspect of any business. People are essential to guarantee the proper functioning of any companies in order to achieve the objectives. It is necessary to comply with legality but it is important not to stop here, companies are in need of going further and stablishing a motivated team. With Get a Partner you can get ahead of the potential problems and plan solutions, as you can take advantage of the information of your people already available. We help you to achieve a proactive and with value generation team management.

We are a PAE (Point to Assess Entrepreneurs) of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. Therefore, for those entrepreneurs who want to start a new activity or to set up a company we have a specific service of support and advice.

We help you to manage the entire company’s birth procedure, from the discharge of your activity to the general support that would be needed throughout the process. For those who are already operating and need at some point a specific assessment, we propose the best option to follow and the most qualified professional in all possible situations that may appear.

We offer you a service to comply with the legality by at the same time managing the accounting and business part of your company, always looking for the best alternatives. Thus, you can optimize the results and provide the necessary treasury for the proper functioning of your business.

We take care of your future, so you can exercise more control of your business throughout the year, redirecting the situation and if applicable, proposing and implementing solutions. We conduct an evaluation of the results of the company that allows you to have the pulse of your progress. We offer you a wider vision and with enough perspective to possibly helping you anticipate when implementing actions.