Maximum business focus

In Get a Partner we are aware that at certain times, you that are a CEO or a manager at any organizational level need some support in your decision-making process. Therefore, in our consulting services we advise you on a specific moments or on an ongoing basis.

So that you can minimize your risk and maximize the results, we will set up a tailored service that combines different disciplines. We always put all our experience and knowledge at your disposal.

  • Management advice

    We participate as experts in management advice bodies and we also assist the general manager, helping him focus on the desired goals. All this through our comprehensive approach and our external vision.

  • Advice in a specific area

    We propose to define the strategy and develop actions to improve performance, reducing costs and with a better exploitation of assets. We also help you plan treasury and investments. We offer proposals for the most optimal cost calculation. Other examples of specific advice would be those we offer in fields such as labor assessment. All our advice is done jointly with the general manager or people in charge of the affected business areas.

  • Diagnosis of the present business situation

    We provide you with business improvement options based on the analysis of all those areas that have shown some problems to solve.

Our guarantee is our participation in several business advice programs such as the Alpha Competitiveness, 360º of ACCIO, the Advisory program of the Terrassa City Council and the ICEC’s Culture Consultants. In the last one we have been part of the Valuation Commission. We also cooperate with entities and administrations to grow the social and solidarity economy.